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the Impatient Patient: I am an ENTP Gemini Fire Dragon

Google's reminder of it being Chinese--oopsie - now politically correct to say LUNAR-- New Year prompted me to re-read my Chinese Zodiac information, reminding me of some fun stuff I already know about myself.  Over my many years of varied life experiences, several therapists, and some career-related behavioural study of my personality traits, I know the following: I am an ENTP, Fire Dragon, Gemini - so take that cancer!!

the Impatient Patient: Day 577

All this talk about melanoma has almost made me feel badly about neglecting my other cancer baby: papillary thyroid cancer. 577 days ago, a few months into my melanoma diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a second "primary" cancer, a tumor on my thyroid gland.  It appeared on my CT scans for melanoma and I was instantly referred to the head of Head & Neck Surgery at Sunnybrook, in late September, 2014.  I had surgery to remove the tumor - and my thyroid gland as well as 2 of 4 parathyroid - in Dec 2015

The sun is out, take care of your skin

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. It is also Lupus Awareness Month, and that of Hepatitis, Mental Health, Celiac, Stroke, Allergy, and even Motorcycle Safety. A designation of “Awareness Month” gives voice to survivors of their given affliction. It also opens communication for caregivers or those working to cure or prevent harm from said disease or trauma, or those who mourn a loved one who may have lost their battle.